Sunday, September 7, 2008

a win is a win is a win

When a win is a win – oh how I wish I could have that look on a win. It’s got to be someone you know is innocent. What are the chances of that? That’s a lot of pressure on a person. And then you gotta, gotta, get the not guilty verdict. Then you can have the same look of shock, relief, gratitude as Johnny Cochrane. Except I could never get myself to believe that Johnny thought OJ was innocent. Maybe he did? I just got a hung jury on a murder & attempted murder, unfortunately the jury found my client guilty on another murder. So I didn't have the same look as Johnny had after his verdict.
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Sarah T. said...

If I ever murder someone, I promise I'll contact you to represent me. And with my acting skills I vow to aim for a not guilty verdict.
The only thing is...murdering. It's not my style.
Talking to death is.

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i bet you'd do it just to get the gig.