Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where's the gun?

For some reason many of my clients and their mothers and their girlfriends firmly believe that if the police don't have the crime weapon - the GUN -"there's no evidence". I've been trying to figure out where this "urban legend" comes from. Is it CSI or Law & Order and the other shows? Don't think so, they don't watch those shows. I think it goes back to the primeval ooze when some guy beat his case because of something to do with a gun the cops didn't have - and ever since then the legend has spread out and taken root so that this is one of the "truths" my clients and their mothers and their girlfriends "know" about the legal system. Doesn't matter that the cops have a taped confession; eye witnesses; casings; et al. "Where's the gun? There's no evidence."  Maybe I'm missing something? 

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Anne said...

It's like on Arrested Development where the dad didn't think a husband and wife could be charged with the same crime.